New Owners Bring Life to Local Bookstore and Coffee Shop
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New Owners Bring Life to Local Bookstore and Coffee Shop

When Michelle Hinojosa and her husband, Anthony, bought Agapé Books Coffee Shoppe Décor it wasn’t what they had planned. Located at 1127 N. Bechtel Ave in Springfield, the shop was previously known as Beacon of Hope and Kairos Coffee.

The owners of Beacon of Hope and Kairos Coffee were ready to retire. Sadly, that meant potentially closing down a business local churches and patrons could spend their days exploring the latest Christian books and supplies while sipping on their favorite latte.

Hinojosa, a former manager of the store, felt she had to do something about it.

“We were praying about it a lot,” said Hinojosa. “We kept feeling like God was pulling us here.”

On April 23, 2018, the Springfield native and her husband closed the deal and were officially business owners. The shop stayed open through the transition with the exception of just four days of remodeling. The Hinojosa’s overhauled the space by painting, decorating and creating a rustic look.

“We really want to put a lot into it, so we’re still making new stuff and bringing new stuff in,” said Hinojosa.

But, remodeling isn’t the only big part of the new adventure. Hinojosa says without a background in owning a shop like hers, there’s a lot of research that goes behind it, such as what types of books to buy.

Although the shop has a new name, new owners and a new look, they still have the same familiar faces.

“I think being a manager helped a lot because I had already known most of our regulars and we kept the same staff,” said Hinojosa.

Since buying the shop, the regulars have stayed and new people have ventured in to see what Agapé has to offer. Hinojosa says the people are what make the job fun, and she encourages those who haven’t stopped to check it out.

“I tell my husband I get nothing done during the day because I just talk to everybody who comes in…I love talking to everybody,” Hinojosa said.

The shop’s coffee supplier was switched to Seven Hills Coffee Suppliers from Cincinnati, Ohio. This resulted in altering recipes, but some of the have stayed, including the popular Milky Way latte.

With fall so close, Agapé just released some new seasonal flavors:

  • Pumpkin latte
  • Pumpkin chai latte
  • Chaider (Chai tea and apple cider)
  • Caramel apple cider
  • Caramel apple frappé

Hinojosa encourages patrons to stop by for a visit and see her new store.

Although it was never in the plans to own a business, Hinojosa says she has always loved coffee and books.

“I have always been a book nerd and coffee addict, but we never imagined owning a coffee shop and bookstore, but we love it so far,” said Hinojosa.

To learn more about Agapé Books Coffee Shoppe Décor, stop in, find them on Facebook, or visit the website at

September 7, 2018

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