One of the main sponsors for the 3-day Riot Fest event was Meggalife, a groundbreaking suite of fun and useful online applications designed to help users accumulate assets for retirement and help America solve its retirement crisis.

About Meggalife

Meggalife offers user a game-changing value proposition: a new way to save for their retirement through their everyday online activities, funded by advertising revenues.  Meggalife apps are built to streamline and simplify the user experience, presenting the features that users want most.

Specifically, the Meggalife platform awards points to users – similar to those awarded by airlines and credit cards — as they engage in online activities. Every time a user utilizes meggalife applications, such as searching the internet, listening to music, or sharing messages, photos and videos with friends and family, and engage in other meggalife online activities, they will be earning points toward their retirement.  It’s like a frequent-flyer program for financial security. The advertising revenues generated by meggalife are deposited into Megga Trust, an affiliated entity that is overseen by independent third-party trustees which will invest the revenues in a fund that is advised by EF Hutton Investments LLC, subsidiary of HUTN, Inc. Users may redeem their points at age 68 to bolster their income for retirement. Meggalife also will reward top points earners with exclusive prizes, contests, and content.

“Meggalife is designed to help users effortlessly and easily build a nest egg for retirement, simply by engaging in their daily online activities,” said Christopher Daniels, President of Megga, Inc., and CEO of HUTN, Inc. “HUTN, Inc. is focused on enhancing the lives and financial security of individuals and families.  Why shouldn’t the users who spend hours each day engaged in online activities reap their fair share of the financial rewards, rather than being used to enrich internet company investors and executives?”

Riot Fest

It may be just days removed from this year, but fans already can’t wait until next year (blink-182 will be performing after all).